Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Does your ceramic tile floor look old, dull, dirty, dingy, discolored and in need to replacement?  There’s no need to replace. The problem with ceramic tile is usually the grout.  This porous material absorbs dirt brought in on the soles of shoes, grime, kitchen spills and pet accidents to name a few.  In kitchens, cooking grease accumulates on tile backsplashes.  In bathrooms, tile can develop mold in the caulk and grout lines. Normal mopping only cleans the tile surface but does nothing to remove soil and contaminants in the grout.

Anyone can certainly save money by tackling their own tile and grout cleaning.  One can achieve acceptable results with the proper chemicals, brushes, chemical resistant gloves, masks, elbow grease and time.  However, most people are not up to the challenge.

Carpet Doctor / Restore My Floors, established in 1978, is not a franchise. Our pros have years of experience and posses all the proper “Green” pet & people safe chemicals and professional equipment to achieve incredible results.  We get the job done right at wallet pleasing prices.  We leave tile and grout clean by extracting soils, grime, soap scum and allergens.  We will even seal the grout to keep it cleaner longer.

We can also apply mold resistant caulk and regrout as needed to prevent water from getting in the walls leading to water damage and mold growth.

Please pick up the phone and call me personally.  My name is Manny and I own and operate this incredible business that returns the gleam to tiled surfaces, wood floors, vinyl floors, wall to wall carpet, area rugs, runners and upholstery.  Call me at 908-342-5048 or reach out on our contact form.

And by the way, we are not a business with only a name and tel. number on our business cards.   We are located inside the Hansel’s Carpets showroom located at 501-503 Central Ave. in Westfield, NJ.