Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair

If your carpets are loose and buckling/rippling, you need to call the Carpet Doctor for professional Carpet Power Stretching & Repair Services.  Oftentimes, carpets loosen as a result of changes in weather and humidity. It can also occur as a result of heavy traffic or an improper installation.

The Carpet Doctor uses power stretchers to tighten carpet in just about any size room.  Ripples shorten the life of wall-to-wall carpet and can be a tripping hazard.  We can also repair damaged seams, pulls and tears.  We have all the right tools to do a beautiful job.

If you are a DIYer and wish to tackle this job on your own, call us for free advice. We will walk you through the entire process.  Be prepared to spend about $100.00 on equipment rental. Warning! … Do not go up and down stairs immediately after using a knee kicker as your knees may lock-up causing you to fall resulting in injury.

Area Rug and Runner Repair Services

  • Rug Washing, Sanitizing, and Deoderizing
  • Damaged Bind, Serge and Fringe repaired or replaced
  • Pet Damage repaired
  • Reduced size of any rug and finish edges
  • Repair damages to face fiber and backing
  • Regular and non-skid Rug Pads available at discount prices